About Tibetprotests

TIBETPROTESTS reports on and discusses protest in and around the Tibetan ethnographic area, which includes the Tibetan Autonomous Region, Qinghai and areas of Sichuan, Gansu and Yunnan within the People’s Republic of China, but also events in the Tibetan cultural areas of Nepal, India and Bhutan.

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TIBETPROTESTS is not a campaigning website, nor is it politically affiliated. While most of what it has to say is about politics, its purpose is to provide independent analysis and commentary on the ever-changing situation within and around Tibet. In particular, much of this analysis does not fit into the long-established polarity between “pro-China” and “pro-Tibet” viewpoints, and we make no apologies for this.


TIBETPROTESTS is divided into two main components:

  • NEWS AND SOURCES on protests, self-immolations, policy changes and other context.
  • ANALYSIS which discuss that data and try to make sense of it.

These are divided into the various menus at the top of the page. RECENT NEWS will provide as up to date a picture of events in and around Tibet as is possible. ANALYSIS will provide short to medium length posts that try to unpick and understand particular aspects of Tibetan protest. SELF-IMMOLATIONS is a special menu which provides existing sources on Tibetan self-immolators.

TIBETPROTESTS is also divided into PAGES and POSTS. Most pages contain information on non-current events and background history, and you need to visit this website to read them. Posts will be sent to those following TIBETPROTESTS by e-mail or Facebook (press the FOLLOW+ button if you would like this).

The Moderator

TIBETPROTESTS is moderated by Dr. Martin A. Mills, Director of the Scottish Centre for Himalayan Research at the University of Aberdeen. Mills has travelled, worked and researched in Tibetan areas since 1986, and is author of Identity, Ritual and State in Tibetan Buddhism (Routledge, 2003) and numerous articles on Tibet.

At the moment, this site is being built and its content will accumulate over time, and will eventually include retrospective material. Please be patient.

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